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RR's Unit Converter is an useful tool for metric conversion, weight conversion or any other simple or compound unit conversions - for scientist, engineers, students or anyone involved in scientific, financial, archeological or other activities where unit conversions are required.
RR's Unit Converter comes with a large database of simple and compound units. A dictionary with definitions for almost all the units in the database is also included for your convenience.
You may even create categories of units and add your own simple or compound units to the database.
By using a careful developed algorithm, unit conversion factors could be defined between any two units. This feature allows you to use the most precise known unit conversion factor between two units. Therefore, any unit conversions will be performed with high precision.
For example: if you know exactly the conversion factor between meter and inch, first you define that factor and second, if you know with highly precision the conversion factor between rod and inch but with less precision between rod and meter, you may define rod to inch conversion factor - this way, the most precise unit conversion factor will be used. After that, you may find out the exact conversion factor between rod and meter or any other unit defined on that category. In this way, you will have a precise unit conversion operation between any two other units.
The compound unit feature gives you more flexibility to perform complex transformation and calculation. For example: fuel consumption conversion is a complex operation because in US is measured in miles/gallon and in Europe in liters/100 Km. RR's Unit Converter allows you to do this kind of calculation between compound units with ease by using this feature. Having length and volume categories already defined, all you have to do is to define another category: Fuel Consumption and under that category, define two compound units: length/volume and volume/length. That's all!. Now you could perform any compound conversion and calculation among all the units defined in length and volume categories. You could define your own values for fractions. Input fraction: both values, output fraction: bellow value only( above value is the result). What if you have a price in USD/gallon and you want to know the price in Euro/liter or vice versa. No problem, the same feature may be used. Look at the image above to see RR's Unit Converter "in action".
All those features make RR's Unit Converter a powerful tool for all those involved in activities that require any kind of unit conversion.

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RR's Unit Converter Features:
  • Metric conversions, weight conversions, measurement conversions, temperature conversions, metric to english conversion and vice versa, volume conversions or any other simple or compound unit conversions;
  • Large database: over 1000 units with definitions;
  • Broad cover: from Biblical to Astronomical;
  • Compound units conversion and calculation;
  • Dictionary with definition for almost any units in the database;
  • Expandable database - Define your own units or even create your own database;
  • Search by name for any units on any category;
  • Display in separate window results for all units from the selected category;
  • Conversion factors could be defined between any two units;
  • Fast and easy to use;
  • RR's Unit Converter uses double precision 64-bit format IEEE 754 values and operations as specified in IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic, ANSI/IEEE Standard 754-1985 (IEEE, New York)
    For example:
    170 light years = 999,344,968,415,702 statute miles
    59000 light years = 3.46831489038391 e+017 statute miles;
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